Disney World Crowds - Labor Day 2015

So can anyone out there speak to Labor Day weekend crowds? The crowd calendar has WDW at 1’s all weekend - which I find a little hard to believe. Looking back they’ve been in the 4-6 range. Now Labor day is really late this year (sept.7th) so maybe that’s a factor. I’m going to be there the week before for a trip with a child with special needs - and we had originally planned to do all of the parks on weekdays and spend Labor Day weekend just relaxing at the resort (since he doesn’t do crowds well). But now I’m rethinking that - if the parks are really going to be at crowd level 1, then it might be worth buying tickets for those days.
Since this is the most fabulous group of people in the world, I thought someone might have some experience with this. Thanks!

I think the crowd calendar is based on last year’s crowds. There were lots of posts with pictures of empty parks in 2014.

We’ve done a day trip the Friday before Labor Day (two years ago)… It was very light crowds! I heard a lot of “the kids are going back to school” talk… I think it’s a great time to visit! Be prepared though, it’s hotter then the face of the sun at times!!! ( and I live in fl!) lots of water/mickey bars/and shady breaks!

Was there last labor day weekend. nothing was 2 bad. Wouldn’t say everything was at a “1” Sat and Sun but everything was fairly reasonable.

I was thinking the same thing. But we arrive on the 11th, after labor day!

Thanks for the first hand thoughts everyone!

I have been looking and comparing the 2015 calendar to the 2013 and 2014 actual crowds and it looks like its using Sept dates and not how they fall around Labor Day. For example, the week after Labor Day has historically been much slower than the week prior and the calendar for 2015 seems to be showing that as the first week of Sept 2015 even though that will be leading up to Labor Day.

It really is a 1 for crowds! I shared this last year:

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Is that possible . For my stay coming up I have crowd levels of 1 - 3’s. I am so nervous about getting there at RD to get on all the rides. Maybe I shouldnt be so worried! Going on Sept 11-15

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Very low crowds. Walk on rides. Amazing time to visit. Enjoy!

We love early September for the low crowds (they’re low at Disneyland then, as well). Be prepared for the heat. I have to psyche myself out and remind myself that if I sweat, I’m just going to ignore it. I have a good time, even if I look like I’m finishing a marathon all day. Water rides will be your friend! :slight_smile: