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Thanks @fred thumbsup

Disney World Crowd Report - July 20 to 26, 2014

I always read your crowd report every Monday @fred! I really like the new(ish) format.

Crowd Report for last week, although a little later than usual, is now up.The Crowd Report

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Click here to see this week's Crowd Report for Disney World

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Thanks for the crowd reports. I didn't know about it until you started posting them here, but now I always click on the link from here.

What do you think caused the crowds to be so much higher yesterday (August 12) than anticipated?

August 10-16, 2014

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It's hard to say. We don't see any obvious explanation, it may just be a general increase in attendance.

I'm going to continue to "like" every one of your crowd calendar report links. smile

Is this not going to be a thing, posting the weekly Crowd Report? Is there a link where this information is available?

@eriinfo - it's posted every Monday on the TP blog.

Thank you! I'll look for it.

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I am calling shenanigans on the November 6 - 10th crowd calendar; there isn’t a bed or a CAMPGROUND SPOT (think that one through) available at any WDW resorts. Not a room. SO, either 1/2 the resort inventory is being taken offline or our predicted 4s & 5s are wrong. I just know if I don’t go for a Liner weekend meet up I will hate myself seeing the pictures and not being there, and as of now I am booked at the 4 Seasons due to nothing else available (and it’s not the price, it’s the complete lack / minimal transportation that bugs me most) Calling @fred or maybe @len knows of planned reduction in inventory?

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It is very odd @MagicMN. All I can think of is that it’s the sort of week when lots of on-property Disney fans visit, but not a lot of locals or people who stay off property. I hope it isn’t super crazy crowded!

I will guess they pulled resort inventory - not even a campground spot is open. There are 30,000 WDW resort rooms. Even with some huge conventions I find it hard to believe they are booked (and it’s a weekend that’s booked vs during the week) - they’re never allllll booked except for the big holidays like NYE. Who CAMPS the first week of November at WDW?

edit: There is just now a full price Treehouse (3 bedroom) villa available

I did find a room on Orbitz when I looked a few weeks ago, so maybe some 3rd party bought a big block of rooms? I don’t know. It’s a mystery. I hope you find someplace to stay. It would be nice to meet you.

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That’s a race weekend, so maybe people are coming for that?

Good point - darned health nuts, don’t they know there are Liners in search of a party?