Disney World background music playlists on Spotify

I’m looking for playlists of WDW background music in Spotify. Mainly interested in instrumentals. Do you have a good one to recommend?

On a quick search I found this one, and just started playing it now:

I don’t know how authentic it is, but it sounds pretty good so far.

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Holy smokes, there are 170 songs on that list!

There was a great channel I found once, something about the Lost Boys… I’ll keep having my brain work on it for a while. Maybe someone else will know what I’m thinking of.

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Never actually searched spotify but I am going to check that playlist out that you posted. I do know that there is background music on you tube music. This is where I usualy go for my music. My favorite is disovery island, magic kingdom entrance and main street background music. They are all about an hour long loop.

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