Disney World: Animal Kingdom E-ticket Pickup

We’ve bought e-tickets that are good for three days starting on Feb 17. The first park we’re going to go to is Animal Kingdom. Would there be any benefit to stop by the park on the 16th to swap the e-tickets for real tickets to save time on the morning of the 17th? Or can we only pick up the tickets on the date they’re good from? Or is the Animal Kingdom ticket pickup, rope drop, and entry process usually relatively painless? Tips or suggestions would be appreciated!

Will you have magic bands? If you do, you will not need to go to the ticket counter as long as your tickets are linked to your MDE account.

I wasn’t planning to get them because of the extra cost, but could be persuaded, if they’re very useful?

I think I would try to avoid picking up tickets if I was hoping to get there at least an hour early for flight of Passage. If you are, I would buy the magic band or try to get the ticket the night before.

The magic bands are starting to sound a lot more appealing, just for ease. Not convinced about the cost though, especially with the exchange rate. I wonder if my local Disney store carries them? I’ll have to check… Thanks for the info!

I’m in the same boat and am planning on stopping at Downtown Disney (Springs) on the way to our rental house from from the airport the day before. Also debating letting my daughter pick out a disney outfit while we are there too.

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So apparently we can’t get magic bands in Canada! I guess that won’t save us any time then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, is there a place to trade in the e-ticket in Disney Springs? I was thinking of going there the day before anyway!

I think so. I’ve read you can do at any guest service stations and there is one downtown. If you are onsite I believe you can do at concierge too but we are renting a house.

Great, thanks for the info! :slight_smile: