Disney with a walking boot

We leave for the world in 8 days and yesterday, I either severely sprained my ankle or broke it, it is too swollen to tell at this point.

I have a walking boot and will have a wheelchair or something for our trip. It’s myself, my husband and our kids (8 and 9). What is the best way to make the best of our trip since I cannot walk very far?

We have visited several times but this will be the first where one of us is injured.

Considering visiting the water parks because we’ve never done them and I’m assuming it’d be less walking.

Thank you so much for all help!


I recommend a wheelchair. My DS(then)16 used one at WDW years ago when he had ACL surgery 2 weeks prior to our trip and was on crutches. It went into all the lines with us and was no problem, aside from the need to push it. We had no problem taking it on buses but did end of driving to the parks most of the time since we had our van with us.

We also used a wheelchair a few days in our last trip to WDW last May for my DH who has badly arthritic knees and struggles to walk long distances. We rented the wheelchair in the parks for that trip and did not have to transport it so no issue at all with buses but the days we did drive found paying for preferred parking was helpful to minimize the walking from the parking lot to get the wheelchair. There is small discount if you prepay for multiple days of the wheelchair but make sure you hold on to your receipt.

As for water parks I am not sure. My kids and I went last May while DH stayed in the room and napped. It was a lot of walking, with minimal cut through spots around/ over the lazy river to get to one thing or another. Lots of the slides had long stairs and had to carry tubes up them. Not sure how disabilities are handled on those slides.


I have visited Typhoon Lagoon with minimal walking because I volunteered to watch the toddler in the little kid area. Very relaxing day.

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Ouch! Sorry you got hurt so close to your trip.
I have done trips in a stiff foot boot for multiple broken toes rt foot with no wheelchair and a trip 2 months after major foot surgery on left foot (full boot up to knee) and 3 more broken toes on the rt foot (flat shoe boot) with a scooter. (don’t ask) :wink:

By far the trip with the scooter was the easiest. The one with the foot boot I was always the slowest and I was in a lot of pain after 3 hours, not to mention the swelling.
You didn’t mention where you were staying. I am hoping it is at a Deluxe resort where you will have the benefit of being close to several parks. We stayed at the Broadwalk and Beach Club, very beneficial.
Another plus was we rented a car- my DH hates inconveniencing anyone so we got the scooter type that could be put in the trunk of the car, and reassembled quickly. He would never allow me on a bus…maybe your DH is more supportive.
I rented through the authorized Disney Scooter so it was at bell services. I also had a problem with the scooter, and they were very quick to correct. (The seat was broken from people pushing back on it).
IMO well worth the money. I was comfortable and relaxed and I could keep up with everyone. I could easily park the scooter and walk short distances if needed.
I did not go to a water park, but I think would would be fine there too.


I also am a fan of the scooter. I ruptured my Achilles before a boys Vegas trip and didn’t want to cancel it. Was in a protective boot until surgery, and I knee scootered all around Vegas in it. Better fit for me than being pushed around in a wheelchair since I’m active and like autonomy/exercise. More work for me but more enjoyable than being pushed.

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Thanks! I bought a knee scooter and we have an old wheel chair from a previous injury, luckily we’re driving down so we’ll bring both and I should be fine. I ran princess challenge in Feb and I’m so stubborn so I’d rather not be pushed lol.


Thanks! We are at AKL so while deluxe we’ll bus everywhere, I ended up going with a knee scooter and a wheelchair and then always have the option to rent an ECV lol. I think we’ll do fewer park days and more pool and hopefully be okay!

Get a cushion for that knee scooter. Trust me!! I did 3 trips with a knee scooter and a walking boot, it was fairly easy to navigate just annoying. I was an absolute menace with that knee scooter, just ask @sanstitre_has_left_the_building :joy:

I also had a basket, a cup holder and a bell for it.


I can confirm that she is an absolute menace.


Haha! Seems awesome, thanks for the tips! I’m feeling way better and with the scooter I think it’ll be an enjoyable trip!

DD10 had to use a knee scooter in February … now, she’s a kid, but after a day or two of knee scootering she was having pain in her hips… we ended up getting her a wheelchair for the last 2 days, just because it was easier and less uncomfortable for her. As an adult, you may not have the same issues, but don’t be scared to rent a wheelchair if you need it.

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Thanks. We brought both a knee scooter and wheel chair because I can totally see this being an issue!

My biggest advice is to make sure you have plenty of opportunity to elevate your foot. I had a boot once and the swelling due to the injury combined with the heat was BRUTAL.

If you have someone willing and able, I prefer the wheelchair. DH pushed me when I was injured and I push DS just about every trip now. Scooters are great but people make me nervous. I would try and clear a path for the scooter mom used a few years ago and people would jump right in between us - constantly. I was a nervous wreck the whole trip. But I know others who swear by them, so do whatever works best for you!

Agreed, on day 2 and failing at pacing myself so I’m in pain. I did knee scooter one day and wheel chair today. I need to be better about slowing down because both days hurt lol


I’m sorry! Definitely take your time! Fingers crossed for a better result tomorrow.

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It’s a different trip, for certain.

Requiring a different perspective.

We’ve always said our trips are about making memories. That covers a lot of “different” ground.

The idea of fewer memories of pain has been awesomely motivational in creating a different way of my experiencing the parks. :blush:

Character breakfast and then resort day so it should be better!

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Exactly, slowing down in every aspect of my life is a lesson I am (slowly) learning