Disney Wish details unveiled

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Here are TP articles.

Does it feel to anyone else like they are too all over the place with the theming? Like trying to pack too many different environments/themes/movie franchises into one space?

I suppose one could argue there’s something for everyone, but it feels a little ADHD to me.

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Yeah, it could go either way. If done really well, it will be awesome. Not sure the 3 and 4 night itineraries are long enough to really enjoy everything to the fullest though.

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A lot of lines have gone to the “neighborhood” thing, which is what this feels like. You can pick the neighborhood you like and hang out there. (But I also think some of that was in the way things were presented - it was a great video, but a bit jump from thing to thing.)

I’m honestly just hoping that there are more adult bars than the “I will never accept it’s Disney” themed lounge.

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Marked on my calendar the Silver Member date to book. Gonna try and snag the maiden voyage even though I’ve done those ports on the Dream. Why wouldn’t the newest ship be doing the longer Caribbean cruises that have ports I’ve never been? Sigh. LOL

Edit: If my kids are both teens can I still go down the slide to the kid’s area?

Pricing is live on the Disney website. I’m not at all really well versed in DCL pricing but it didn’t seem quite as steep as I was expecting (maiden voyage aside). The first few in June are the most expensive, but for comparison, the Aug/Sept verandah pricing is cheaper per-night than my current 5-night October 2021 Magic cruise. Or are these all just for show and will skyrocket as soon as the Platinum folks have their go at it?

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Did you see the “Moana” suite unveiled today? I closed out of the first article thinking they had posted the wrong pictures. It’s like they are doing Moana, Cinderella-style. I’m not sure it works.


Its just so all over the place.

It’s all beautiful, but very compartmentalized and moody (as in changing mood from one compartment to another)

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