Disney Wish announcement

I thought this would be of particular interest to @JordanRunner

Forgive me if there are others I should mention. I hope this warms your heart, too.




Any idea where I can find more details on this-

More details?

Do you mean this, @noreen99 ?

It seems the few articles I have read state that there will be some sort of “blessing” of the ship

Hoping for more information - to decide if I should even mention it to my sister, mom to a past recipient.

I don’t have any information on when that ceremony will take place but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are at least some videos of it if it’s not live streamed

The DPB article says 29th June at 11am ET, live streamed on DPB.


I will let her know- she can make the decision to watch, just the brief blurbs had me in tears with past happy memories.


THIS makes me want to sail the Wish. A good majority of the rest of it, not so much (well, based on what we know so far).

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