Disney wife gone "crazy"... need some help (Please)

My name is Adèle Marie (46. y.o.) and I am from Norway…
Married to Steinar (50 y.o.) and we have one daughter called Amalie Marie (22 y.o.)
We have been to WDW around 12 times since our first trip in 2001.
The last two trips it has only been me and dd…
So it has been quite a while since DH has been there. (maybe 6 year)

I am currently planning 2 trips… The first one is in 28 days with me and DH
Well, I will have to tell you a bit about myself so you might be able understand a bit of my struggles.
I have PTSD due to very severe childhood abuse… so there is a lot of “triggers” I don`t always have control over… But I am working very hard in therapy and I am doing a lot better.

I also have ADHD, Epilepsy, Diabetes +++ several other things…
So, yes… I have “some” challenges… “LOL” but all in all I am a POSITIVE person… and my trips to WDW helps A LOT…

So… DH and I am flying down to Orlando, November 3. (We arrive MCO around 7.p.m)
We have booked a package and we are staying at POP, so we are taking Magical Express.

We are staying from November 3 - November 10 (our flight leave from MCO around 8.20 pm)

  • Regular Dining plan for the whole week + 7 days park hoppers.
    I am going to upgrade my park-hopper to an AP since I will be going back next summer with DD and the choir I conduct.

I have been planning this trip for almost A YEAR… and I am still driving my self (and my family) crazy because I am still not finished… (so, I would need some help)

Around 6 weeks ago I injured my leg…gastrocnemius injury “Tennis leg”
For 6 weeks I have been on crutches… and even if I can “walk” with my crutches now I can`t walk very far (Maybe I can walk around 1 hour on “good days”)
Hopefully I will NOT be on crutches in 4 weeks, but I am trying to be realistic…
I am thinking I will take my crutches with me and I will rent a wheel chair (just in case)

With that in mind I will start to share my plans, and I would really appreciate all the help I could get. (Hopefully my english is okey so you will understand)

Saturday November 3
Travel and check into POP at night, eat something there or at AOA food court.

Sunday November 4
Get up early and head to AK…
Since I will have to upgrade my tickets I will have to do this first +
I think I will try and get the DAS card (I will only use that if I absolutely have to)
My original plan was to ROPE DROP… But I will all those people + stress + my leg I don`t think this would be a good idea.

We have reservations at TUSKER HOUSE at 8.25 and we got FP for the Safari 09.50
and Expedition Everest 11. 00 + Na Vi at 12.45

Well, AK is “normally” NOT our favorite park, but I will give it A NEW CHANCE this year.
I have not seen the LION KING show or FINDING NEMO or THE TREE OF LIFE AWAKENING or ROL +++ (Not really seen the park at night, and I LOVE the parks after dark.)

Other things I want to see is; It`s tough to be a bug, AVATAR, FLIGH OF PASSAGE,
NA´Vi (Have FP) Maybe Kali River,
Expedition Everest (have FP+, but I really want to ride this 2 times)
Maybe Dinosaur?

So my first plan AFTER getting my AP + hopefully DAS was go to Flight of passage and maybe try for a FP+ with my DAS, because I know that line would be very crowded and I might have a hard time standing in line for that.

Have BF at Tusker House and ride the ones we have FP+ for.

Okey so my time up to Lunch time is pretty okey… but from there I am not sure what to do.

I CAN make AK a half day and HOP over to HS
(If I can get a reservation for 50`s Prime Time for dinner

OR… We could take a break and go over to AKL for a couple of hours and then get back to AK
(See AK at night)

Monday November 5
I do have FP+ for Toy Story Mania, TOT and Frozen sing a long from 2.20 -5.p.m.
AND we also have a reservation for DINNER at 50`s Prime Time at 6.05

I am really not sure about this day, because we need to get some SHOPPING done while we are in Orlando.
I have been able to modify some of my FP+ and both TOT and Frozen I have for Friday + Slinky dog.

50`s PRIME TIME is A MUST for DH, but I might be able to move that reservation for another day.

Should I keep my reservation for this day and just come in later in the evening AFTER SHOPPING or should I have another plan?

Tuesday November 6
Epcot has EMH so we would arrive early this morning…
We don`t have any reservations for BF, but I am thinking of SUNSHINE SEASON

Have FP+ for Nemo with Friends, Frozen and Spaceship earth from 9.35 - 1.25
We did not get FP for Soaring, but if we go straight to that one when the park opens it should be okey.
There is also a lot of other things we would like to do, and see all the countries, F&W etc.
So we have a full day planned here.

We have ADR`s for GARDEN GRILL at 4.45
See ILLUMINATIONS before park closes.

**Wednesday November 7 **
We have BOG reservations at 8.35 a.m. and we also have FP+ for Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean from 9.45 - 12. 25

I am thinking of spending the day here until around 2. pm and maybe do some resort hopping or other things.

We DO HAVE a reservation for CALIFORNIA GRILL at 5,40 PM, but I am thinking of maybe canceling that one.
DH has NOT SEEN HEA and I think he would LOVE to see this IN THE PARK

So, I need some input to this day and maybe alternatives for California Grill.

Thursday November 8
We have reservation for LIBERTY TREE TAVERN at 1.25 p.m.

  • FP+ for Splash Mountain, Big Thunder and Buzz from 2.35 p.m. - 5.10 p,m.

We also have tickets for MVMCP the same night.
Would you think Liberty Tree Tavern is a good choice for Lunch?

Friday November 9
I had originally planned a whole day at HS here and I have FP+ for Slinky dog at 1.30
TOT and Frozen ever after.

We also have reservations for MINNIES SEASONAL LUNCH OR DINNER this day, but I am not sure if I should cancel them and try 50`s PRIME TIME instead???

We would like to see all the Christmas things at HS this evening.
Thinking of the Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam Dessert Party. (Any thoughts?)

Saturday November 10
I have a real challenge with this one… because I have ADR`s for the BON VOYAGE BF at 11. 35
BUT I also have FP+ for FOP, Expedition E, and the Safari the same morning.
(First one 9.25)
I really want to have the BF since my choir is working on “The Little Mermaid JR” this year.

Our flight leave from MCO 8.20 p.m.

I see this post is very LONG (SORRY) but I really need some help with my plans.
We do have park hoppers, so we could do some more hopping?

If you would help me I would appreciate that A LOT… And my family too :smile:
Thank you, best from Adèle Marie in Norway

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Welcome! What great plans you have!

You can wait until you are leaving the park to do this. Make sure if you decide you are going to get a DAS it is not for the mobility issue. They will not give it for that. You really don’t need to explain why you need it.

You can arrive at MK around 7:45 and get into your breakfast early.

I love Liberty Tree for lunch!

It is good, but you said DH wants to see HEA? I think with the crowds in MK I would do that dessert party instead.

I would drop Bon Voyage.


Thank you!
I would probably have to upgrade my tickets right away if I need the AP discount on merchandise and I would for sure have the Memory Maker pictures.

Yes, I know about the DAS is not for mobility issues, so I will explain to them what I would need it for.

I will make a note to arrive at MK around 7.45 and hopefully we would get in to BOG early.

I would like DH to experience HEA, because he has never seen it… only the “old” WISHES firework.

Why would you drop Bon Voyage?

Thank you!

Your MM photos will be there if you activate later. The line may be very long before park opens. You know that AK opens before the official time for Pandora? I would drop Bon Voyage for Flights of Passage.

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Sun Nov 4 is when DST ends (Daily Savings Time) - we lose an hour that night - I’m not sure if Norway has DST or not so I thought I should mention it.

I know nothing about tennis leg - but a friend who has leg and feet problems due to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome flew to Australia (23 hour flight) and her legs swelled up terribly. She had to go get fitted for compression stockings while in Sydney. They would have been cheaper in Canada. You might want check with your health provider if they would be helpful.

Anyway, I would say yes, ask for the DAS, you’re definitely the kind of person they are trying to help.

You could set up a reservation finder to try to get the Bon Voyage on another day (eg. Nov 9 you would be close to Boardwalk and you don’t seem firm on your lunch plans).

I don’t really have any help to offer, I think your plans look really good. I hope your leg heals well before your trip. I won’t pretend to understand how you feel with all those challenges in your life but I have to say that your attitude impresses me and I am sure you will be fine. :smiley:

Hi and thank you😊
I did not know Orlando change their time like we do in Norway…
We have never traveled to Orlando in November before so good to know.
Thank you!!
It is good that we are turning the clocks that night because our body would still be set on Norway time (we are 6 hours before Orlando time)
Since I have diabetes I always travel with compression socks I I have been thinking that they would be extra good to have on this trip.

Thank you, yes I will set up the reservations finder for The Bon Voyage Breakfast. I am also going to try and change my 50 prime Time reservation to Friday.
I am going to cancel Minnie’s Seasonal and since Donald is on of DH favorite character I have also booked Cape May. Just have to find out if we are doing breakfast or lunch there.

Thank you so much for your kind words😊
I try to look positive on my challenges (it is sometimes a bit hard, but mostly I do have positive look on life)
I think if I “give up” and only look at the “bad” those people who hurt me so much when I was growing up and some of my adult years would have “won”
And they are not going to “win” so I am working really hard with my excellent therapist (two therapists) and I am really proud of how far I have gotten.
And I do have a great husband and daughter,
My DH parents are also great and very good friends.

Going to Disney gives me a break from all my trauma and I feel safe there and get to be a “kid”
I am so excited for this trip because DH has not been there in many years and we have never been during “Christmas season”

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