Disney welcome gifts

Has anyone used these. I know the items you receive don’t equal the price but is the experience for the kids worth it? Any thoughts?


Wow! I’ve accepted that my Disney holiday will cost me infinite money and that at least some of it is a rip-off, but those items are really insane. Five balloons and a cake for $125! I’ll come to your room and bake you a cake from scratch while you watch for half that price!


I am more inclined to pack “surprises” of my own. I do “tinker bell gifts” for my nieces and a “magic Mickey bag” for my nephews. It is way cheaper and a good way to motivate a sleepy child to wake up for RD. I put things like light up toys, PJs, Disney pins, costumes, etc out each night.


I would DIY something and bring it. Friends of mine who went recently did something for their kids, mom was able to finagle to distract kids in the lobby while dad, under the rouse of unloading luggage, snuck them in the room. To be simpler perhaps tinker bell could leave them in the room overnight to be found in the morning?


we always bring our own decorations for the room - could sneak in early, but our kids like to help do the decorating - all our favorite Disney softies - Cheshire Cat, Stitch, always bring new Disney pjs, and I totally agree on the light up things - pack them in the backpack secretly, then when out at night, spring them on the kids - even dollar store light up necklaces are a big hit!

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I have used them 3 times so far. It’s a fun little surprise (although a bit pricey). Last time was for my niece’s graduation trip in June - she got graduation Mickey and DS got a plush Stitch. Definitely not a must have, but she got suck a kick out of it! I usually get the ‘build your own’ with a small bag, plush toy and snack (they love the Goofy gummies!).

Love the idea of new Disney pjs for the trip :slight_smile:

Last time I had my husband take the kids for a treat and I snuck to the room before them and set out gifts for our three kids. We had Pjs, towels, sunglasses, a small plush, autograph books, a few other odds and ends, and a few snacks. For everything I spent less than $75.