Disney website pricing vs MVT quotes

As you are going thru Disney’s site trying to price things out after you add tickets and dining, is that the final price?? Or are taxes added on at the end? I have a quote from MVT which is about 400 more than what I get when I look on Disney’s site. Same rooms, same dining and same days tickets.

I’ve never used a TA for my WDW trips. In my experience on MDE, the price you see right before you select “Check Out” is your final price. It already has the taxes & etc… factored in.

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It does not show final price until you get to checkout. You can go all the way through without finalizing.


Something is not right here as MVT should be cheaper but no way more expensive by $400.

There has only been one time that a Disney deal has beat a MVT deal and that was my June trip where we nabbed Yacht Club water view at 40% off. MVT didn’t have inventory that could beat that, but all my other trips MVT was cheaper.

What kind of tickets did you select on MDE? Maybe you used base tickets there but MVT is quoting for Park Hopper Plus, for example.

Also double check the room, is one preferred and one standard? And the dining plan.