Disney Visa

So - noob here, first Disney trip coming up in March.

I signed up for the Disney Visa online - have already charged about 5k and gotten a $50 statement credit for signing up. But I have a mail offer for a $200 GC instead. I spoke with the folks at Visa, and they can process the change and swap the $50 credit for the $200 GC - but the catch is, I probably wouldn’t receive the GC until a few weeks after our trip.

Is there anyway I can make this swap work to my advantage, or am I better off just keeping the $50 credit? My kids are 8 and 10, so our days of shopping the Disney store are mostly behind us.

Thanks for any and all advice! This site is awesome!


I can say that once I met the spending requirements I got my GC in just about one week. But there is the possibility you might not get it in time. I think in your case if they can’t process it quickly enough I’d probably stick with the credit since it sounds like you wouldn’t have anything else to use it for. Of course you could save it and use it to put the deposit down on your next trip! Trust me, once you’ve gone there will be another trip lol.