Disney Visa Question

I got myself a Disney Visa card hoping that there will be a discount offered to card holders before our trip in May. My question is, if they do have one, does the entire reservation need to be paid for with the card, or just the deposit?

BJ’s has gift cards on sale at 6% off now and I would like to buy $3000 worth to cover most of our resort, but I don’t want to be stuck with them if there ends up being a sale for Disney Visa card holders and I have to put the whole thing on there.


If you head on over to Mousesavers, there’s a page where all of the discounts for the past few years are logged. We went in May this past year, and Disney Visa did not have a summer discount. Apparently, that’s not unusual, I don’t think they did in 2018, either. Also, often the Disney Visa discount is just the general public discount, but you get first crack at it.

It’s hard to know what is going to happen from year to year, but I think a certain 6% discount plus possible public discount would be a pretty good gamble.

You do have to put the whole reservation on the card to get the discount.