Disney Visa Online-phone tour

I received an email regarding an online-phone tour for the DVC. Anyone do this? How does it work?

Have done it. The guy that I spoke to seemed less than interested in really talking to me. I was on the phone 10 minutes, perhaps 15 at most. The basic idea was to gt me to agree to having them send me the information books and to get me connected with a particular cast member with whom I may correspond directly with questions along the way (and who would get the commission when we buy)

We got a $10 gift card for my time. Meh.

My wife did it before our previous trip 3 years ago - spent about 15 minutes total, got $40 back then.

Think it was a short online presentation, then a 5 minute “what’s yer address?” phone call.

I just did this yesterday after getting the same Disney Visa email! Super easy, just talked DVC with a very friendly guy for about 10 minutes, and they are sending me a $40 gift card.

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Cool, I just saw that email & wasn’t sure if I should do it or not. Sounds like it’s worth it - thanks!


I did the online tour Saturday. It was interesting to me and I enjoyed it. No pressure at all. They will send info in the mail and I will also receive the $40 gift card.

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