Disney Visa offer

I don’t always get the emails from Disney Visa. Is the special offer beginning tomorrow?

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I haven’t heard anything yet, so I suspect it might be next week, although I’m anxiously awaiting it as well.

Several of the sites are buzzing about summer promos for visa tomorrow and public on Monday.

I haven’t been able to find anything. Any details? Sites I can check? Anything beats working -which is what I’m still doing at 11:30 at night. Ugh. I hate tax season.

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Visa Only today through the 23rd

Tiered Room Only Offer: for stays June 16-August 27

15% -Values
20% - Mods
30% - Deluxe/Villas

excluded: AOA LM, AS Movies, Campsites, French Quarter, GF Villas, BLT, New Poly Villas

Book now through June 12th


Thanks for the update. I was hoping for 35%, but what can you do.

Now I have an ethical dilemma. Based on our original dates I was working with a TA from MVT because they had a great deal. When dates changed I stayed with her since it was easier, but now since its a standard RO deal, if I can get a better deal stacking discounts at Orbitz do I dump her to save $, or stick with her since she’s done a lot of work for us.

I think you know what MY reply would be, but I’ll tell you anyway since I’m not your TA.

She’s put in a lot of time for you and will only be compensated once you travel. So basically, she’ll now have put in X hours and not been paid. Many start as TA’s because it’s a passion, but it’s an income that helps pay the bills. It really is stiffing her.

Support small business. Stay with your TA.

As for everyone else, support small business and their families. Use a TA. :blush:

That’s why I said it was an ethical dilemma. As a small businessman myself I’ve been in the situation where I’ve done work and not been paid, which sucked, but saving money in this economy…

Actually, as I wrote the question out, I thought about it and had already decided to stick with her. Thanks for the confirmation I’m doing the right thing. :smile:

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I saw something about this on the touring plan blog. I don’t have the Disney Visa, but I noticed it said the offer would come out to the public on Monday. I already have a room-only Reservation for 6/22 through 6/29 at POR. If I call Disney would they apply the discount to my reservation since it was made and deposit paid prior to the summer offer coming out?
This is my first time planning/going to Disney for family trip, so I’m learning lots!

Yes they will as long as they have a discounted room still available. Without a Disney Visa you’ll have to wait and call when the offer goes public on Monday. I would suggest calling as early as they open.

What time would that be? 6 or 7 a.m EST? Thanks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. That would be more money to use towards other fun things. We will be traveling with 4 people. Staying POR Riverview Royal Room. I tried to research accommodation options first but wondered if there are other resorts that you might suggest for us to consider? Thanks.

It’s 7am to call. The royal rooms don’t seem to book up as fast and aren’t excluded from discounts. The rooms are nice, we stayed in one last November. I wasn’t fond of the bed but it was a nice room. The grounds are beautiful. Unless you were going to move up to something like CSR Business Class I’d say POR RR is a great choice.

They open at 7am eastern (daylight savings time now). I don’t know if the royal rooms are included in the offer though.