Disney Visa Food & Wine Offers

I hadn’t seen it mentioned before.

Disney Visa cardholders can start booking their F&W seminars, Classes, and Disney Dessert Discovery two days before the general public. The Visa booking window starts tomorrow morning at 7AM EST.

In addition Chase will be sponsoring a lounge on the third floor of the American Adventure Pavilion. The lounge will have seating to relax, places to charge your electronic devices, and complimentary soft drinks. Each cardholder is allowed to bring up to a maximum of 9 guests with them to the lounge, and the Visa is required to be presented to gain entry.

More info can be found at: https://disneyrewards.com/offers/epcotfoodwinejul14/


Bumping for evening liners. Starts tomorrow morning.

Thank you @Outer1. Having the link is nice. I like your new, streamlined name. :slight_smile:

Thanks. The ™ and spaces were causing havoc with the web site. This was my original name.


how do disney visa holders get notified for special deals? Like free dining, or this for the F&W 2015. Do. They email? Do I check my chase account?

They will normally email you when booking discounts become available but normally it’s not until the offer is already active which may be too late. You can always keep an eye on this site…


Plus when it’s coming up you will frequently see it posted here on touring plans.

I have had a disney visa for well over five years. I always get notified of Broadway ticket offers but I think I have only received an email about a room discount twice. I have applied that discount multiple times. I have always read about it on chat, or friends have let me know.

I’m pretty sure getting emails is NOT the default setting. You have to go through a few steps on their website to set up email notifications. It’s been a while since I did it, but I remember it being complicated. Maybe look through all the options on the Chase website for your account to see if you can find it.

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