Disney Visa food discount, DDP, and OOP

Ok here’s the deal… We are now in disney for 9 nights. Eeek! Lol… I am planning on doing CRT and HDDR, I know someone told me the best way is to pay OOP for those two meals. That way I get 9 full TS in my plan. I noticed my Biergarten and H&V is in the list for a 10% discount if we show the disney visa we have. Do you think I should pay for those two OOP and maybe include one of the 2credit meals on the dining plan, or still pay OOP for those?? Thanks for any info :smile: :smiley:

So, those two are about 40.00 each? How much is CRT and HDDR? What meal/level? Say your 10% makes the buffets 35.00 plus tip. Don’t both CRT and HBRR include tip?

CRT does include the tip, I’m not sure about HDDR.

I believe HDDR included tip and tax as well

As to your question I would add up what it would cost you to pay for each one and just take the lowest cost option. If it’s cheaper to pay for H&V and Biergarten with your DV and use the extra credits on one of the 2 credit meals go that way.

Biergarten for dinner looks to be about $103.96 plus tip. Which would bring it down to about $95. Plus tip.

H&V is about 83.96.plus tip down to $76 plus tip.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on coral reef also… So many mixed reviews… I’m a seafood lover. So I figured we’d give it a shot but not sure now.

Oh not sure on that one. I see far more negative reviews than positive, but the few positive reviews I’ve seen are pretty glowing. We skipped it because even though we wanted to see it I just couldn’t book it because there were too many negatives. If you aren’t sure you could always change to Cape May which is just a short walk from Epcot over to the Yacht Club. The seafood dinner buffet there gets pretty consistent rave reviews from Liners.

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