Disney Visa Card Comparison Tool: No-Fee vs Premier

Questions about whether the Disney Visa credit cards are worth getting come up fairly often - My usual answer is, Yep, the no-fee card is good for perks and the $200 sign on bonus is a good deal. Plus you can refer your spouse/partner and get another $50 bucks while they get a 2nd $200 bonus.

Otherwise, not the best credit card for rewards - but with no fee, why not?

Since the Premier Visa card has a $49 annual fee takes a bit of math. I like math. and spreadsheets.

So I made one up: If you go to this sheet, you can enter some guesstimates of your monthly spending for several categories and it will tell you about how much you can expect to earn in Disney Rewards.

Click Here to Try It Out.

By the way, I included options for people to select whether an expense is “Definite” or “Possible” using these cards - I figure that taking into account how likely you will be to use this particular card for that expense could provide a better picture of your actual rewards.

For example, while I might focus on using the card at gasoline and grocery stores since the Premier card gives you 2% return on those, I might not use it so much for other purchases…