Disney Visa $200 gc Promo

To anyone who has been looking for a better deal on the Disney Visa, other than what is on the Disney website, I received 6 promo cards in the mail yesterday. If you spend $500 in the first 3 months you will receive a $200 disney gift card. (And I in return get $50 rewards dollars) If anyone is interested in taking advatage of this awesome deal, drop me a line to my email: fairydust3882@hotmail.com. Please put: “Disney Visa Referral” in the subject line.

What a nice offer! I’m going to bump this for Saturday Forum readers.

This was the final motivator for us to get one. I paid off our ressie the day it arrived and received the $200 GC within a week.

Is this the fee or no fee card? Thanks for the heads up

Thank you @SallyEppcot!

@BearsMom2011 this is for the no fee card. My DH took adavantage of this offer in 2012 and then I signed up for my own card this year. Those $200 gcs have come in handy with my disney obsession ;p