Disney Villains After Hours

Do I or don’t I?

It’s on my last night. And my second night. But last night might be cool.


I am curious how the crowds are. Hopefully someone who went last night will chime in! We are set to go on the 27th. I say go for it:grinning:

Reports from last night are saying that was more crowded than a normal DAH event. Don’t know if that affects your decision.

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I’m shocked that I’m saying this, but it’s actually quite expensive at $139 + tax.

Maybe because it was the first one?

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Possibly. Maybe wait for a few more reports before booking? Although I guess you then run the risk of it selling out.

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Meh. If it does, it does. I’m not that invested. I just thought it might be a nice thing to do on the last night. And get a bit more MK ride action in.

And the show sounded kinda cool.


i vote for doing it but without solid reasoning other than because you can. i’m also curious about reports from those who attended. there’s nothing like ending your trip with the kiss goodnight.

That’s not a bad reason.

Oh man I want to go after seeing all the photos last night!!


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I would definitely do it. Will Cruella be there?

Not sure. But Maleficent is. Breathing fire. At night.

Oh my. Be still my heart!

As for myself, I would never pass up an opportunity to be among my people. Kylo was not particularly interactive when we went to DHS, I’m still trying to get over it.

It was sold out last night. I don’t know if they will all sell out (maybe) but that may explain the larger crowd.

i agree it’s not a bad reason. i also convince myself that the cost is more affordable/justifiable as a solo traveler versus that for a family.


“Sold” is probably better in this case as a LOT of the crowd was “hosted” bloggers/vloggers who a) did not have to pay for anything (other than if they bought merch) and b) were reportedly (by people who actually paid admission) waltzed through the FP+ lines for th attractions.

Line reports from the next one will likely be more accurate.

And no meet & greets of any kind - villain or otherwise.


Yes she is.

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Wow! Thank you for bringing a little sunshine into my day.:rofl:

I’d definitely go if I had the chance.

Probably because it was a media event that many bloggers were invited to. Even they said most rides were still a walk-on.

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Tom Bricker’s review is hugely positive and I’m very glad I booked :smile: