Disney Villains After Hours Event, worth it?

I wanted to get your opinions: Do you think the Villains event is worth it?
Some background: My best friend and I are going for a girls’ weekend to celebrate our birthdays to Disney at the end of April. She’s never been to Disney before, but I have several times. We were originally planning to do Friday, April 24 at Epcot, Saturday at MK and Sunday at HS.
We could instead do the party on Friday and then do a late-start day at Epcot on Saturday. I’m thinking it wouldn’t make sense to do a full day at Epcot and then stay up super late at After Hours.
I’m trying to make sure my friend has a really great experience at WDW because I know she’s not likely to go back anytime soon.
What would you do?

Will you do it and buy a two day ticket (instead of a 3 day)?

No experience with the party, but in looking at your 3 days I think it’s a good idea to max time. Keeps Friday relaxed during arrival day (assuming your getting in on Friday) and allows you to go to MK at 7 (hit a few rides) and enjoy the party and lower lines from 9 to 12. As tinker alluded to, you can then just buy a 2 day ticket.

Epcot is an easy park to arrive late to IMO and then gear up for HS on Sunday.

If we did it, we would get a two-day ticket.

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@DeepInTheHeartofTexas just did VAH last night, her live trip report is on first page.

We’re getting in Thursday night, so we can get to a park early on Friday. Thanks for the input!

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I’ll check it out!

Then I really think it depends on if you want a full day on Friday or just the evening. If your staying I. Prop, that could give you some pool time as well if that is something your interested in.

I would look to see if UT is selling VAH tickets at discount.