Disney vacation package

You can book Disney vacation packages through September 2021. Does anyone know when you book October through December 2021?

The general rule has been you can book a room only up to 499 days out, but only on the phone, not from the website. Given the times, however, I’m not sure if Disney is allowing it or not. You probably need to call to find out. (And when you do, report back!) :slight_smile:

But packages I don’t think can be booked that far out even under normal circumstances, if I remember correctly.

Not at this time.

Currently, Disney is only booking packages thru Sept 26, 2021. I wish I could get a notification when they will open up booking dates for October 2021!

Welcome to the Forum! I think there is a way to subscribe to notifications; I know I receive emails w/ deals from Disney.

I am going to try and find that option!

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