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Does anyone know of a GOOD TA that deals with renting points through Daves? Im planning on booking a room, club level at CL Destino, or what ever its called, at booking window. But would really like AK club level through points.want a TA that handles both that way if I cancel 1 res, shes still in loop n making something.

Daves is it’s own travel agency. You won’t find an agent that deals with them - you have to deal with them directly.

Do they have a similar that deals with both types of reservations? Anyone? I can reserve myself but id love a travel agent to take care of the details. Renting DVC points for club level just saves SOOO much $. AND Im set on club level to get the additional 3 FPs for purchase.

They are the agent. They do it all for you.

Thank you, will ck with them

You do know that you can’t cancel a DVC rental that was booked through a broker? Only you mention cancelling one of the reservations.

If you rent privately, it may be possible, but points can only be used in a certain time frame so most owners will not do that. They might be able to work with you to rebook, but again a broker will not.

Dave’s won’t be able to book the Gran Destino for you since it isn’t DVC.

And, I’ll just forewarn you that scoring that AKL club level DVC room is near impossible.

We’ll be at Gran Destino, club level in a few weeks. I went through MVT and they were great.

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Right, Gran Destino, booked through Disney, would be my back up if DVC renting fell through.

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I know, I plan on putting my request in 12 months out so Ill be first in line. Really want to stay at AK but ill have Gran Destino as a back up

Realistically, @disney1974 is correct. Your chances of getting AKL club are slim to none. Even putting in a request 12 months before.

Why? They are very popular, and will go pretty much on the dot. In fact people will probably “walk” to get them. And an owner who is renting points through a broker just isn’t going to want to put in that effort. David’s won’t accept a request to walk. An owner renting privately might agree to do it, but probably only to a long standing renter of their points.

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Thats discouraging. Really, really wanted to stay AK Savannah view but have to stay CL. Cost is a concern. The GD CL is reasonable. Might be where I end up. Dont like doing split stay.

It’s definitely not impossible to get into AKV Club if you’re after a 1BR. We’ve never had a problem getting one for a week at a time, and looking at the DVC booking system there is lots of availability from April onwards (so 7+ months out). From 18 April to 16 May, literally every single day is available.

Getting a studio or 2BR is much more challenging, and the owner would absolutely have to book as soon as they could. Still, nothing is impossible so I’d give it a try in any case. :slight_smile:

Im ok with studio or 1BR, and im planning for early Dec 2021! :joy: Im a planner.

October through to mid January is peak DVC time. I still say chances are slim to none.

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Well phewy. Ive never rented DVC points. Ive stayed at almost all value n mod Disney resorts. I cant see spending 800+ a night on Deluxe CL when we arent in room that much. Looks like GD CL its going to be. Thanks yall.