Disney trip in April?

What do we reckon? Is there any way to predict?
We are set to go to Orlando on the 5th of April? How far ahead will Disney decide if they re-open?

I’m on the same schedule. My optimistic hope is that over the next three weeks an increase in testing may shed new light on the situation and perhaps allow for an opening.

Realistically, though, I’m expecting to have to rebook. I contacted all the pieces involved and essentially have to make a decision by April 3 if I want to refund. I can wait until basically April 4 if I just want to rebook.

I’m just trying to stay flexible and optimistic at this point.

Yeah, here’s hoping. I’m coming from the UK and didn’t book a package. I can extend my park tickets, but unless they cancel flights I won’t be able to insurance to cover flights or villa.

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I’m also waiting with a trip booked in early April. I imagine they’ll know more in a week or so. I doubt they’ll announce an extension to the closure last minute.

Perhaps this provides a pretty good indicator on April…sorry guys…I suspect Disney only announced for March because they knew they’d be slammed just sorting those guests and the ones already there. I expect them to announce more when they have capacity to take the calls.

“Pentagon officials announced sweeping travel restrictions for troops and their families late Friday night that will halt all domestic travel, including duty station moves and temporary assignments, for nearly two months as officials try to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Starting Monday, service members, their families and Defense Department civilian workers will be restricted in how they can move about the U.S. and its territories. The unprecedented moves were approved by Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist and extend through May 11.”


I have a trip booked for late June. I’m not expecting that it will go ahead.

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I’m expecting Trump to add us to the European ban any day now. I would assume you’re not going to get there.

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The first case in my state was confirmed this week. It was a DoD civilian employee recently returned from an out of state trip. Probably related.

I’m scheduled to head down 4/24.

I’m not particularly hopeful that is going to happen.

I’m scheduled for April 14, I know it’s not happening. Even if it’s open am I going to pull my kid from school for another week? Oof but I’m too sad to cancel.

I booked a trip in October, but the huge countdown again is sad. And I feel like I had the perfect trip planned. :frowning: anyways, glad we are going because I didn’t think we would reschedule.

UK just added to travel ban

ETA: and Ireland. I was treadmilling when the alert came across and wasn’t sure


Anybody taking odds on an interstate travel ban. In for a penny, in for a pound.

You think so? Closing the highways?

It depends. At some point we will have to draw the line as a nation and say, “However bad it gets, we’re not going beyond this point. From here on in, whatever happens, happens.” I have no idea where we will decide to collectively draw that line. I wouldn’t personally support an interstate travel ban, but I’ve been in the minority thus far. I just threw that out because it’s the logical next step if we haven’t yet set a threshold below which we will not go.

They don’t want to have to do that. They want people to understand the situation and isolate themselves wherever possible. Anyone that is in an area where schools are being closed needs to cut off non essential social contact. Period.

Getting people to come to this decision on their own, even if only 80%, is much more effective than trying to enforce anything.

People need educate themselves to the situation and chose to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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Believe it or not, I often dislike being right.

Major news outlets are now reporting that the White House is considering domestic travel restrictions.

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We live in NJ and DH works in NY as do many others. I can’t imagine they would do that, but then again I couldn’t have imagined half of what is going on right now a week ago.

It would be quite literally impossible to enforce to any effective degree. You could shut down airports trains, busses, etc., but there are too many automobiles and too many roads to completely contain a population center of any size. Much less multiple population centers. Hell, East Germany couldn’t keep everybody on their side of the Berlin Wall, and they were lethally serious about enforcement.

Doesn’t mean they won’t at least try to put in an appearance, but I think a half-assed attempt would be worse than doing nothing. I hope this idea doesn’t get off the drawing board.

They’re sending the College Program students home

Closing public transportation and all venues will happen before they try to control private transportation. It’s already starting in Europe.

Israel closing restaurants and theaters. No gathering over 10 people. Czech Republic closing restaurants and non essential shops.

A friend is in Barcelona visiting her sister on spring break with her kids, hoping to get home next week. Yesterday she posted this “ The real quarantine begins today. No one wants to see children out on the streets. They are closing public spaces (city and neighborhood parks) to keep children home.”

They need us to be voluntarily doing these things now in the US so they don’t need to make it a mandate and use resources on enforcement.