Disney Trip: August 2016 (Includes Solo MK Day)

I am a little over a month away from our Disney trip in August and as you can imagine I am VERY excited. I am going with just my Mother; linking on to a Convention or Conference or something she has at GF (I stopped listening after “Do you want to go to Disney I am there for a…”).

Here is the general plan if you are interested. Feel free to make some suggestions. Note: I am dealing with a low-key, go with the flow, type.

Day 1:
Arrive to GF at 12pm the latest, to MK by 1pm. FPP+ Splash at 1pm, FPP+ SM 2:05, FPP+ SDMT 3:10, probably will ride closer to the 4:10 end, then head back to GF. We will do filler rides of POTC, Haunted Mansion, CoP, Laugh Floor, People Mover before and after the FPP+ times. Dinner and cocktails at Mizners. *trying to decide if we should go back to MK that evening for Wishes

Day 2:
MK for EMH-RD. Straight to PPF after RD then onto Jungle Cruise, POTC, Haunted Mansion, Little Mermaid, Buzz LightYear (unless we do it the night of Day 1). Back to GF for pool, nap.

Epcot…used up FPP+ for FEA. Will go mid afternoon and do Future World rides, then head over to World Showcase to walk/drink/ride around the World, with a FPP+ for FEA at 6:20 and ADR at Spice Road 8:10pm for a perfect Illuminations view.

Day 3:
Late arrival to AK, FPP+ for KRR at 3pm, ADR at Tiffins 5pm, FPP+ for dusk KS between 6:40 and 7:40 (will gage based on Sunset), FPP+ for nighttime EE 8pm. Still need to figure out logistics for the in between rides: the only others we like are the Treks and FoW, but want to add Nemo and/or Lion King (suggestions if we have to choose?) and maybe Primevil Whirl. Watch the evening light shows, which I still don’t quite understand.

Day 4: solo day + going home day. Evening flight.
MK, whenever I want. I only got FPP for SDMT at 9:55am and Splash at 11:15pm. I have a third to use, any suggestions?

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Nice plan! Is your Tiffins dinner a dining package? The only thing is you eps EMH MK day. Fantasyland and TomorrowLand will be open for EMH but the rest of the park will be 9:00.

We decided not to do a dining package for Tiffins. Neither of us will eat 3 courses and are indifferent about the Alive with Magic.

Good point about EMH! We will still be able to do PPF since it is in Fantasyland, correct? Then we can pop over to some other rides there and in Tomorrowland and end with HM, POTC and JC.

Yes, you have a solid hour to do a lot in that side of the park.