Disney Transportation

Ask your transportation questions here: Busses, boats, monorails…horse drawn carriage…?

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sherpa guided?


How about maps? Can we travel by map?


Floo powder? Oops. Wrong park. Lol


Here is my travel question: :bus:

Do the negatives that I’ve heard about Disney park/resort busses mostly come into play using them to get back to resorts when taking breaks in the middle of the day? If we are only using them for early morning arrival and nightly departure are they more tolerable?

We didn’t have any trouble leaving for the parks in the AM or getting back for midday breaks (staying at AoA in May). The only time we had trouble (and had to wait for a second or even third bus) was when we stayed in the parks until close to closing time and left with the masses.


Our trip last summer we had transportation difficulties in the morning. We seem to have busses that were overloaded so stuck waiting a long time for the next bus. This was the first time that I really had any trouble with the bus situation. We will see what this summer holds. Tip… Get to the bus stop early

I was in the World last December and the only long wait (more than 10 min) for a bus was when I left AK at 4 pm to go to DTD for a Cirque presentation. Had to transfer at Blizzard Beach I believe and it was quite a wait. Allow plenty of time or ask at Resort about buses. They had a CM at most bus stops telling guests how long of a wait we would have, when buses would be there and so on.

Thanks @Sally_Carrera, @Wingsmom and @Suprgurl! We will be going Nov. 17-27 staying at POP. I am preparing for busier buses and transportation as it gets closer to Thanksgiving.


Yes, you will definitely see an increase the closer you get to Thanksgiving. Pop’s buses are usually standing room only at the end of a park day. One good thing about Pop and AoA, though, is you can hop on which ever comes first and walk across the bridge. It is not that much further to walk and can mean the difference of waiting through two or three buses.

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I would be interested in hearing reports on Pop century buses regarding wait times and efficiency??

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@wdwfan29 - last reports i’ve heard for Pop are very good. Pop has the new reticulated busses that hold A LOT of people. So, coming back to Pop from the parks at peak times, everyone gets on. Not bad wait times either.

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Thank you. That is sooo good to hear! First time using buses so I’m a little anxious about it.

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Great info here -

On our trip last week, I asked the bus stop CM about her iPad. She showed me the app they are
testing for bus arrivals. Looked cool and was spot on for time. Had no ETA though. Anyone have more info?

I’m eating mixed comments on buses to and from PO-R. I’d welcome anyone’s suggestions or comments…

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Gotta love autocorrect!!! Too funny! Ok, I’m not eating the comments, I’m READING mixed comments. :yum:

I stayed at POR at least six times. Sometimes the buses were amazing! Sometimes they were horrid. After my last trip with high school touring groups at the bus stops and no additional buses (having to wait for 4-5 full buses before I could load, every, single, day) I will never stay there again without a car.

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I’m staying off site. It’s our first return in 10 years. I’ve heard conflicting info with what I’ve read. Are there any scenairos we can use disney buses? Like parking at DD to get to the parks? Is it worth it?

You can use a Disney transportation if you are traveling from park to park or a resort to a park. In theory you can park at DTD and then take a bus to a resort and then transfer to another bus/monorail/boat or walk to a park, but that could take a long time. Is that time worth the $17 you would save?