Disney Transportation from Grand Floridian for Rope Drop

I am confused about how the transportation works. It says the Monorail begins to operate 30 mins before park opening. Will we be able to ever make it to rope drop if the transportation doesn’t start moving until after we should already be there for rope drop?

I thought that the mono started much earlier than that - at least an hour before park opening (but I know that they have been doing some revamping of the schedule). The ride itself is less than 5 minutes.

Thank you!

The official time is 30 minutes before earliest park opening. (So, if one of the parks opens at 8am, then it would start at 7:30am). I’ve never stayed at a monorail resort, so never had to worry about how early it started running. I would suggest that when you arrive, ask the front desk to see what they say about it.

Maybe @PrincipalTinker knows?

Thank you! I think most of us miss the part about “earliest park” and just think about the park we are going to that day.

Check with the resort when you get there. We stayed at GF in March and the monorail started at 7am. And that was for a 9am full park opening (8am Main Street opening). Getting on that 7am monorail easily put us at the front of the March crowds.

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Thank you! I will check when we get there.

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