Disney Transportation for Newbies


We have never stayed on property before and never used Disney’s transportation. Look for some tips and tricks to make this process easier for us newbies. We are 4 adults staying at Port Orleans Riverside September 21, 2019 thru September 27, 2019. We are also trying the free DDP, just quick service, we will be paying out of pocket for any table services, drinks, etc. Also, any tips on scheduling fast passes, ADR’s, and magic bands.

Thanks in advance!!

Have you picked your park days? Do you want to book table service restaurants? How many? I would plan on using a lot of my snack credits and maybe a couple of QS meals at Food and Wine booths.

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The West bus stop is the first to be picked up and dropped off. We never had to wait on the next bus when we used the west stop in the mornings.

Are you flying in and taking Magical Express from the airport? If your room is far away from the lobby, you can ask for a ride from Bell Services to get to your building.

The Disney app also now has a feature to check when the bus to the parks is supposed to be coming.


How long do you think it would take to walk from one of the preferred rooms to the West bus stop?

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your comment. Where is the West bus stop located? We will be in the preferred room (Bayou) is that close to the West bus stop?

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Have you looked at this site?


Thanks for your comment and questions. Park Days - not completely. I would like to book Be our Guest for lunch and out of pocket for Art Smith Homecomin. Yes, I agree using are snack credits at the F&W booths

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Yes, we will be using Magical Express from the Airport. I have requested a preferred room in the bayou. I think those building are near the lobby, food court and bus stop.

They could be near the South bus stop (Main bus stop). According to the website I linked that could be the last stop, that changes often. I honestly don’t know if I will take the bus at all, but I will be staying there a couple of night in about 10 days. If I notice the sequence, I will let you know.

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Thank you so much for doing that. Being from CA it’s hard for me to be without a car hahaha. Travel safe and enjoy your trip!!


We just stayed at POR and the north bus stop was the closest. We attempted the bus one morning. Two times the MK bus came and it was only able to let one family on because it almost full. And this was a cold, wet and not crowded park day in January. Maybe they run more buses at busier times of the year, but it was frustrating.

I absolutely love POR but I have a rental this trip and I am actually thinking about driving or taking Uber to MK.

I love POR too and we always have a car (and we did on this trip too). I just hate driving to MK so I stupidly thought let’s just take the bus since it’s downpouring (hoping we wouldn’t get as wet). But after two nearly full buses, we jumped in our car. The family in front of us at the bus stop called an Uber.

I have never driven to MK. How did that go? I have a Plaza ADR I will want to get to.

Some of these stories sound so frustrating! Is it worse for rope drop buses or throughout the day?

I’d seen on the POR website before, and read on other forums, that the South bus stop is always the last pick up which does seem rather strange given it serves the preferred rooms which are charged at a higher rate…

I had heard on a youtube video that POR had recently added a specific bus direct from the lobby bus stop (their description) to MK that runs throughout the day but have no idea if that’s still the case.

We will be dependent on WDW transport, don’t want the extra expense of a car, and had hoped that the buses would be more convenient for dropping off closer to park entrances.

Does the transport bit off the app make things any easier? I was thinking we’d keep an eye on that and then switch to uber if it looked as though we were cutting things too fine. But I guess the app only shows you that a bus is on its way, not whether there’s actually any space on it :joy:

It is in the alligator bayou section by buildings 25/26 if I remember correctly. Probably a 5-7 minute walk from preferred rooms. There were some days we walked to the lobby and used that stop but it was always more crowded.

How many TS meals are you planning on, if it’s a few and there are buffets and characters, then it’s worth pricing it out because upgrading to the standard plan might save you money. When timing is important I use uber

It was not as bad as we imagined (minus the rain). We were there early enough and parked close enough to the TTC that we walked. The time from getting in our car at POR to making into the park was 35 minutes. It was not a crowded day though (I think the CL ended up being a 1).

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