Disney Toys for my Niece

Hey there...My youngest niece is going to turn one mid-August. I'm wanting to get her some of the Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess sets. I'm thinking about Snow White's cottage, Cindy's castle, and maybe Belle's castle. Too much? Do you have any of these items at home? Do your girls love them? I know my boys loved all of their Little People toys...I always stress over buying for girls. THANKS!

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She's beautiful @emmyannttu! I only have boys too, and they also loved their "Little People" toys. I don't think you can go wrong with the princess ones! xo

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Thanks @LoveBug53! She is so sweet! I'm getting her Snow White's Cottage and all of the dwarves, Cindy's castle, Cindy's carriage, and all of the princesses. Fun business! smile

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@emmyannttu, we were in Target yesterday and they had several of the princess sets marked down. My girls were bummed that those weren't available when they were little so sounds like a winner to me!

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Oh man, I gotta admit, I was sooo sad that these came out about 1 year too late for my DD6.9, and I have had to show such restraint over the last few years to not buy them anyway (for myself!) I especially love the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs box set, sigh... I need a new young niece like yours so I can come over and play! smile


Come on over @B_squared! I have decided that it is my job to make sure her life is super girly and seriously fun! I think I'm cut out for this job. wink

Great info @sarasue8!!! Thanks! I think that I'm going to be her favorite. LOL!

I was doing some major online shopping got one thing from WalMart, a couple from Target, a couple from Fisher Price's website. I'm crazy for the best deal! wink