Disney Sweepstakes Winner?!

Has anyone ever won a Disney Sweepstakes before? I recently found out that I won a sweepstakes and have a ‘free’ trip. It includes flights, tickets and hotel. I know we’ll need to pay for meals and any other extras.
Does anyone have any advice? We’re wondering about taxes, adding on additional days, unforeseen costs etc.

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Never won but I’m super jealous! Congrats!

That’s awesome! I enter those all the time. Mousesavers keeps a running list of winners.

I’d ask the company you won the prize from how they deal with trip sales taxes etc.

Also, FWIW, prizes do qualify as income so you’ll need to deal with the value of the prize on your taxes next year. I would try to put together an real life value of the trip, as when the sweepstakes says “Prize value $10,000” we all know that’s full retail and you could likely do it for much less (Fair Market Value.)

Here’s a page with some info on that topic.

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