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Hey folks! Did anyone get an email from Disney Destinations today about signing up for Disney+? There is no doubt that I will sign us up, but I was really hoping to nab the Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ bundle. It looks like today’s email was $40 off a 3 year subscription bringing the total monthly charge for Disney+ to about $4.75/month for three years. I’m worried that if I go with this offer, I may not be able to later get the bundle for a good deal. Anyone have the scoop on what is happening with this?

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Could you share the coupon for those of us who didn’t get the email? :heart:

I got the offer via email and signed up for 3 years for $170. Less than 5 bucks a month.

I think the email was sent specifically to me with a code only I could use. I don’t think it’s available to the general public.

Unfortunately, @wilks09 has the right of it. The code is tied to my name.

I got the code. Is it because you have to be a member of the Disney movie rewards or something? I don’t know why I would have gotten it other than having a Disney Visa if that’s not it.

I don’t have a Disney Visa and I don’t think I am part of Disney Movie Rewards, but I am an AP holder. Weird! I just don’t want to mess with my chances of getting the Hulu/ESPN+/Disney+ bundle at the better rate if I sign up now for Disney+.

I ended up doing the Disney+ for 3 years with the discount - my impression was it was due to DIS Visa, but it could have been AP or they are running similar promotions for both. Like you I was really looking for the bundle that included ESPN+, but I never saw that option so I decided to snag the deal now…

I guess time will tell if that was wise or foolish…

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Well, I received the offer. And promptly deleted it.

I have no desire to pay for something that I was getting for free before.

If I want to watch anything affiliated with Disney, I’ll have to rely on Redbox or the library I guess.

What were you getting for free before? Genuinely curious, sorry if you already said it and I just missed it.

Disney movies have typically been included in either Netflix or Amazon Prime, or we just use the library

But Disney Plus is Disney taking away their IP from the other streaming services so they can charge for them themselves.

Just do what I do. Record a copy of everything you want and cancel after 1 month. Your own private Disney library can be yours for only $5.99!

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I signed up for the D23 membership (free) and got 3 years for $153. But that was a limited time offer that ended a few weeks ago.

Even though I don’t get the Hulu bundle, I figure it’s a better deal than the bundle because a) I don’t watch ESPN and even if I did I hear ESPN+ doesn’t have a lot of live sports and b) the price for Disney+ will undoubtedly go up sometime in the next three years and I would be willing to lock in the price even at the current $6.99 rate.

As for the content, much of it will be original (Star Wars - the Mandalorian, Cassian Andor, and Obi-Wan series coming in the next couple of years; Marvel - Loki, Falcon + Winter Soldier, What If?; Disney-channel style shows and movies, National Geographic programming, etc.). Also, they will eventually add their whole vault of Disney classics, many of which were never available on Netflix and some were there but not for long, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, etc. And they have stated that what goes on will never be taken off.

I find $6.99 a month a small price to pay for all that content. I’m in the “shut up and take my money” boat here.


I also received an email for Disney+ and the only thing Disney related I have done is book Disney trips… so who knows. I’m also interested in the bundle too, not sure what I want to do yet. Also are Amazon fire TV doesn’t support the app but I can get it through our Xbox One. I need to read into this more.

I wonder is anyone at Touring Plans has the scoop? I don’t think I have the ability to tag Len, but I’ll try. @len, Do you have any insight?

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I haven’t seen anything on discounts for Disney+ yet. A quick check of my email indicates I didn’t get the offer, either. I’ll ask Jim if he knows anything.


Not sure why I received the code. My family has only taken one trip to Disney World.

My guess is that the marketing department at Disney has culled data on millions of its customers (or purchased data from others) to target certain demographics they believe more likely to subscribe. I can see why they targeted us - younger family, spend on entertainment, already subscribe to cable and other entertainment offerings, two young kids, etc. And it worked - we took the 3 year discount.


I’m right there with you! I can’t wait to be able to stream all the stuff that used to be on Netflix that isn’t anymore again and to have access to movies that for whatever reason we don’t have DVDs of but are classics that I grew up on & love (Lady & the Tramp, Fox & the Hound, Great Mouse Detective to name a few).


I feel that way sometimes even when I own the DVD. I own the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Bluray, but I was really excited to see that Two Towers and Return of the King are on netflix now. Because sometimes I just don’t want to get off the couch or out of bed to watch. :smiley:


That is most definitely another level of excitement for me! We own quite a few Disney DVDs but our little (very cheap) DVD player has a very specific remote that will more often than not (even though we all swear we keep it near the DVD player cabinet) disappear and the only way to hit play is with the remote. Sometimes the FastPlay makes it so we don’t even need to, BUT more often than not there’s some stop/barrier (selecting the language or pressing play on the menu) that means we either need to find the remote, choose something else that we can stream or watch on cable or listen endlessly to the DVD menu (this is not a real option as this momma’s #1 pet peeve is endlessly looping & repetitive DVD menus and will hunt you down if you are responsible for her listening to the menu more than 3x in a row).


I managed to get in on the D23 promotion. Works out to $3.90/month for 3 years, all prepaid.

I worried about the bundle possibility, but I have little interest in Hulu and I don’t want ESPN+ badly enough to pass on the discount I got.

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