Disney Store Merchandise Credit Gift Card

My mom just gave me a Disney Store Merchandise Credit gift card for my birthday. It only lists Disney Store and DisneyStore.com on the back. Can I use this in the parks for merchandise?

Most giftcard labeled as Disney Store cannot be used in the park. I would guess since it's a credit for something that was returned it would have to be used in the store. There should be a number on the back that you can call if you want to verify.

Can they be used to buy a Disney gift card that can be uised at the parks?

Thanks y'all. I checked into it and it can only be used at Disney Store. I didn't want to seem ungrateful in front if her but doubled checked and found out it was reported lost 2 days before she bought it. Needless to say we've contacted the selling company (Cash Card) and they are investigating and said a refund will be sent. Don't think we'll be heading down this road again.

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they can't. a few years back they run a Disney parks GC promo where for every $100 you got n GCs you got $10 for the store. lets just say I had a ridiculous amount of store ones stocked up and tried to use them to buy GC's you can't. so everyone we know got stuff from the Disney store for Christmas!