Disney stock

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares of Disney stock.
It seems that most folks on this forum and chat LOVE everything Disney and probably Spend lots of hard earned $$ on trips and merchandise.
So I am just curious, who owns Disney stock? For full disclosure, I own a Disney stock.

We have a share that my step-son received as a birthday gift, it’s in a gorgeous frame with a really really great saying on there, it was a really special gift, one of his favorites.

So, technically…we are “stockholders”. I mean that whole $.46 check we get once a year is pretty official :wink:

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I asked my husband for Disney stock for Mother’s Day one year. He said he would have never thought of something like that. I was like REALLY as much as I love Disney u didn’t think I would want to own a lil piece of it. Lol

I own some…wish I would have bought it in 2009, when I bought a couple others instead…

We bought in when the market had pretty much bottomed out a few years back (buying in at $17/share) , and we stay on the monthly buy-in plan. Our monthly direct payment doesn’t buy as much as it did, but it is better than nothing, and we’ve got a decent pile of stock in the company lying around.

I have a framed stock certificate as @pixiemichele describes. My DH gave it to me for Christmas one year. I don’t think Disney issues the certificates any longer but they are beautiful with characters etc in color.

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My mother bought be some shares of stock around 1983 or 1984. Over the years, that gift has become considerably more valuable (though I haven’t cashed it in yet).

I miss my complimentary stockholder Magic Kingdom Club membership.

We own several.

One framed share! Gift to our son last year for Christmas.

Bwalker…you are correct. They no longer issue those wonderful stock certificates with the characters on. So if any of you have them, hang onto them!


I have shares as well. I was looking at it the other day and couldn’t believe my average price is about $13. Disney stock has been very, very good to me.

I have a share, got one of the last colored printed stocks, that the stopped doing at the end of 2012. Very cool.