Disney + steaming Frozen 2 three months early😊

With all of the stress, this news warmed my heart. Thanks Disney❤️


I like that they did this. I actually would not be surprised if they pulled Onward from theaters and put it on Disney+. Maybe even for a small up-charge. Maybe even the new Mulan.


Just saw Onward with my boys yesterday. (Yes, I know I shouldn’t have gone to the theater, but we sat away from the small number of people that were in the theater, wiped down each of our chairs with clorox wipes and used hand sanitizer before and after.) Any whoo…I was pleasantly surprised at how great the movie was. A great story about sibling love and support.


Good to hear that you enjoyed it! I really want to see it.

Thank you for posting this!
We’d planned on seeing Frozen 2 in the theater but DD lied to us, so she got dumped at an hourly daycare while DH and I saw 1917. But the punishment meant that I didn’t get see the movie. So, I’ve been eagerly waiting for it to be on Disney+.


Just stumbled upon ‘Onward’ available for digital download purchase TODAY on iTunes. Searched around and found that it will be on Disney+ on April 3rd. Wow, that happened fast!


Yeah since they had to pull it, adding it there. Wondering how fast Star Wars latest will show up now.

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Ooooh, before every movie release, we’ve done a Star Wars marathon of the ones on DVD. I will be nice when we can watch all of them at home.