Disney Springs With a visit with toddlers?

I skipped Disney Springs in our 2018 trip. Now planning a fall 2019 trip and deciding whether to add Disney Springs to the plan. I’m leaning against it now, but want others thoughts.

Is it worth going to Disney Springs with a 2 year old and a 4 year old?

To me, it just sounds like a lot of great restaurants, but since we live in a large city with lots of great restaurant options around home, I don’t feel the need to go to Disney Springs and miss out on precious park time with the kids when in WDW.

Am I missing something?

Nope, I think you have the right idea. Good restaurants, big Disney store, fun evening atmosphere, but IMO you will not be missing anything important with the 2 and 4 yo if you wait until next trip.

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Nah, we typically do it for somewhere different to eat and I’ll pop in a few stores that I like to shop in but can’t find around home…but it’s not a must do for us and we skip on shorter trips.

Admittedly, we love hitting Disney Springs…but for us, it is generally an evening thing, or arrival day thing. Basically, we go when we wouldn’t otherwise be in the parks. Arrival day, for example, we generally are hitting Orlando mid-day, so we don’t want to waste a park day. Instead, we head to Disney Springs for a little pre-Disney Disney magic. We also sometimes hit it in an evening (when the atmosphere is at its best) when we’ve left a park early. We’ll grab a snack (Wetzel’s Pretzel, Slushy from Goofy’s, treats from Earl of Sandwich, etc) and just enjoy the ambiance.

Of course, in general, the top selling point is the World of Disney shop, which pretty much sells everything you can find in the various gift shops in the parks, as well as the Lego Store just to see the creations. For younger kids, there is a sidewalk fountain they can splash around in, as well as a couple EXTREMELY small rides meant for toddlers.

Of course, there is plenty more at DS. As mentioned, lots of food options, and unique shopping. (UNIQLO is a great place, for example, for getting Disney themed T-shirts and sweatshirts, among other things, at significantly cheaper prices.)

Now, if you are sacrificing park time just to make a trip to Disney Springs, it probably isn’t worth it. BUT, it is also a great place to end your trip if you want to hold off on your souvenir shopping to the final day and hit up World of Disney.