Disney Springs - what to do with purchases?

So we were thinking about going from DS to the Contemporary for supper (and then walk to MK in the evening).

We’ll be staying at AKL.

Is there an option to send our DS purchases back to our room?
Or do we need to build in time to go back to AKL and then bus to MK, walk to CR?

Right now package delivery is not happening.

The other option: to to MK before dinner and rent a locker for your bags. Or ask if you can check them at CR bell services?


I was going to suggest checking them at CR bell services.

Or getting a locker at MK.

We think the same


Hmmm, working around the no transport between “parks”… thinking DS bus to CR. Ask CR bell services to secure them.
But then we’d need to take them with us to MK because at the end of the evening, we can’t go CR to AKL, right?

What’s the locker situation at MK?
Are they pretty cramped?
(I’m assuming that I’ll find one (or more) available in the evening even if there’s EEH there.)

It’s true you’d have to go back to CR to get them.

If the lockers are the same at MK as AK (which is the only place I’ve rented one) they are substantial. You could also get 2. Not sure about availability but I would think your logic holds true.

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Of I remember correctly there are two sizes of lockers at MK. I have put two backpacks plus shopping bags in a large one.


I have never done this before, but could you take it to bell services at CR and ask them to do a resort transfer of the packages to AKL? Kind of like when you get them to transfer your bags between resorts.

That would be risky I think. I think they look for a check-in under the name you provide. It might be enough that you have a reservation at AKL but I would be worried if it weren’t.

I’m not sure I’d do it with souvenirs. Might be an interesting idea thing to try with a non-valuable item for research at some point though.


Your options at that point would be:

  1. go and get them from CR, walk back to MK and take the bus from there if it’s still running. The buses run for at least an hour after the park closes, so assuming you leave MK near closing you’d have time. But not if you’ve jumped in line to ride something.

  2. Take an Uber from CR back to AKL.