Disney Springs to Magic Kingdom

I have a friend going to Disney for Easter Week. Is there a bus that goes from Disney Springs to Magic Kingdom? What is the best way for a single mom with 2 kids under 6 to do this?

No direct bus from DS to any of the parks. If using Disney transportation, I would probably take the bus to the CR and then walk to the MK. If she doesn’t want the walk, then she could take the bus to the CTR, GF, or Poly and thern take the mono or boat.

Of course, driving would be the easiest…

She isn’t renting a car. I think the girls would like the mono or boat.

Thank you. I have never been to Disney Springs and needed to go back to a park. I always finish my day there. :slight_smile:

Another option is take a boat from disney springs to port orleans french quarter and catch a bus to the mk from there. Or walk to the nearest resort. I think that is saratoga springs and get a bus from mk there