Disney Springs shopping

After Hours dates were released today, and it’s looking like there might not be MK DAH for our trip, Jan 25-Feb 1. So i’m trying to figure out where to put a 2nd dedicated MK day in our plans. Disney Springs seems like one of the options to cancel, though I know DH was looking forward to The Void.

So my question is… Do shops like Super Hero Headquarters and the Star Wars shops carry different stuff than in the parks? Or would I be able to find any of that stuff in the parks instead? I’ve been to Disney Springs a few times, but shopping was never a huge focus for me while there.

The Void isn’t just at DS. They have locations around the world. Not sure any other location would work for you though. The last time we went, we went to DS 3x…for a few hours each. The one thing we did was go to the Star War and super hero shops and we won’t be doing that again. Most if not all were available in the parks. We enjoyed DS but aside from World of Disney and dining the other Disney shops weren’t great IMO. You can get it all in the parks. We did like World of Disney though. Easy to get your Disney Visa discount there. But in the end I believe there are still more things available in the parks.

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Thank you! That is just what i needed to know :slight_smile: