Disney springs restaurants

Looking for some good place that people have gone with kids for table service meals. Thinking of raglan road, stk , deluxe burger? Any other ideas

My kids loved T-Rex!

Raglan Road is my favorite. I have gone with a group from 2-60 and everyone loved it.

RR is great. STK is very upscale and very expensive; would not be my choice with kids. Boathouse was not my favorite, but of the two steakhouses, it would be much more kid-friendly.

Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming is kid friendly. Best fried chicken I have ever had. I was not a fan of the mixed drinks.

D-Luxe Burger is the best burger I’ve ever had

We have done T-Rex two years in a row and the kids won’t let us skip it this time, either. They are 8 and 6, for reference, and my 8 year old daughter is seriously picky. This last year, we also tried Raglan. It wasn’t her favorite meal, but my 6 year old son is begging to go back and dance on stage again. This year, we will have to do T-Rex, and are considering Raglan, Homecomin’, and Splitsville. I’d also love to try Blaze Pizza and Wolfgang Puck Express, but probably not enough time.

Trex is booked when we will be there, how is rainforest?

Rainforest is cool as well. You can’t go wrong with either of them. In my opinion they are the two best options on Disney Property. Although, I would try calling T-Rex. It is independently run, and they often have seating that doesn’t show up online.

Do you just call through Disney? Or do they have a separate number?

How old are you children?

7 and 5

407-828-TREX (8739)
That’s the restaurant’s direct line. You should have no problem getting a reservation by calling it. However, if you’d rather not make a reservation at all, you can go online and become a Landry Club member - that’s the company that owns T-Rex. Rainforest, and others. It costs money to join (thinks it was $20?), but they give it back to you as a new member credit you can use any time. Also, you get a credit every year in your birthday. Our birthday just “happens” to be the month we travel to WDW, how about that? Best news about being a member? You get priority seating so you don’t need a reservation.
But, if you just want to book a reservation on the direct line. It also has the advantage of not being in Disney’s system and therefore you don’t face a cancellation penalty.

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Wow thanks for all the great info!!!

No problem! I was lucky enough to have someone on a message board share it with me, so I’m glad to share the wealth. Honestly, it IS nice to have one meal where I don’t have to worry about having an ADR planned!

My sister used to live in Orlando and although we haven’t brought DS yet, my sister pesters us every time to take him there. She says it’s awesome. Some reviews say they have some of if not the best sushi on property. My sister hasn’t had the sushi, but says the food is really great.