Disney Springs restaurants DDP 2020

For some reason Dinsney Springs restaurants are not showing DDP 2020 as ‘available dining plans’ on MDE. With two of my ADRs being in Disney Springs, should I be worried?

I’ve seen that STK are no longer accepting the dining plan today.

Maybe more are following suit.

Omg. Hoping it is an exception. I have seen on another forum that non-Dismey owned restaurants finalize their contracts in December., but it is now January :thinking:

It usually takes some time for them to update for the new contracts. I wouldn’t worry yet.


But when that happens, the restaurant usually continue to accept the dining plan into the New Year.

This is a report in of someone who couldn’t use their credits at STK today. That is unusual.

That is strange!

Just to bump this.

I just read another report of a guest being told STK is not participating in the Disney Dining Plan for 2020.