Disney Springs parking lot availability

What are the odds of being able to find parking in the Lime parking lot around lunch time or in the afternoon on a Saturday? We usually end up in the Orange garage, which is a lot of walking for where I want to go (Pin Traders and World of Disney).

I don’t want to tell DH to just circle around, but if there’s a good chance we’ll find parking in Lime (or somewhere better???) then I’ll direct him there.


DS has the best parking garage system. Every lot and level tell you how many empty spaces there are, and each row and space has an individual light indicating there is an open space. So if you get to the lime deck you should know before driving up if there are spots available and where.

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When we were there this past August we parked in the lime garage around lunch time. Lots of spots available.

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We were down the week before this past Thanksgiving and Lime was completely full on two occasions in the early afternoon/evening. We returned the following morning and had no issue getting in. It was a lot busier during that time of the year, but hopefully that gives you more perspective.

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Thanks. I suppose it’s worth a try. Orange usually has parking, but it’s a much farther walk.