Disney springs or disney park?

Going to WDW with family that has never been. Our first night we can go to Disney springs for 4 hours and on our last day go to a park for 4 hours or vise versa. Would you go to park first night or springs?

Right now our plans are (fill in 4 hour night at springs or park), MK, AK, Epcot, HS, MK,HS and (fill in 4 hr morning with springs or park).


Are you flying or driving? I would be inclined to do DS on the first night.

Would you rather Rd another day or see another evening show during your trip? That’s probably how I would choose.


With the crowds in Disney Springs I think it is easier to do a park the first night (see one of the night time shows) and save DS for a day visit.

would get to springs or park about 5ish

Was thinking about fantasmic fast pass and some rides. That would clear out some time on HS nights

See if you’re delayed, that could end up being 8 or 9pm. I wouldn’t want to use a full days park admission for that. And though you could then decide to go to a park on the last day instead, you would be losing your 60 day FP advantage (assuming your are staying onsite).

already have fast passes for last day. SDMT, peter pan, and HM, but thought we might be rushed because of return flight and only 4 hrs at park, but would be really rushed if incoming flight was just a delayed our first day

I think I might be over thinking it. I just saw night time fast passes at all the parks still available on our first night and thought about switching fast passes from our last day.

we do need to be up early our second day anyway

Thanks for advise

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We did DS on arrival day. Pool first then DS. It made for a more relaxing day. Like others said, if your flight is delayed it’s less stressed. It’s nice to just have a dinner in DS and comeback early so you can be rested to RD the next day. Do a QS (we did Wolfgang Puck’s Express) or get a Landry’s cars for Rainforest or T-Rex so you don’t need to worry about an ADR either.

I did my last trip with park right after arriving at Universal, then switched hotels to Disney then went to park immediately. I regretted both arrival days plans somewhat b/c I needed the time to get settled without jumping right into park craziness. My 2 previous trips we just went to Disney Springs (at that time Downtown Disney…) the first night and that was much better.

I’m not a fan of DS really, since its just restaurants and stores, although I do admit that the atmosphere at night is festive. I wouldn’t go on your last day for that reason. Given your options, I’d go to DS upon arrival, have a nice dinner, and get ready for your vacay. Then hit a park on your last morning for your 3 FPP and a final snack!

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I have to ask: how have the crowds been at DS at night recently?

I would personally suggest DS or extra pool time on any half day of a week long trip