Disney Springs opening


Thanks for sharing!

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Its a start!

Nice to see, but it is just the first small step in a long process.

And notable that they are only opening third party venues which feels in some respect that their hands were a little bit tied by the relaxed orders given they don’t own those businesses.

But I agree, good to see something start, and will be nice to see how things unfold.


I’m super interested in seeing what “attendance” looks like. Will people (locals, obviously) actually go out?

Attendance will be limited. It will be interesting to see how they police that.

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I’m super interested to see how dine-in customers consume a meal while complying with the mask requirement.


Obviously they will remove the mask when eating

I can’t tell if you were being sarcastic?

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I don’t blame you for having doubts. But I wasn’t. Disney made a point yesterday of clarifying that guests would be required to wear masks. But they didn’t put any finer point on it. So can you take it off when you get to your table and leave it off as long as you’re seated? Are you required to wear it between courses? Is there a grace period after completing your meal, or are you required to immediately begin recycling your burps? (50% sarcasm warning on that last one)

I’m not going anywhere that requires me to wear a mask because that’s my personal preference. But if I was going to, I would want to know what the protocol was to avoid any potential unpleasantness. I try not to assume too much if I can help it.

Plus, how they handle things now will give us some insight into how things are likely to evolve in the future. Table service dining is a major part of my family’s Disney experience, so I’m tracking dining related matters closely.

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you will be expected to wear your mask until your food and/or drink shows up, and your server has departed the table. I will assume that at that time you would remove your mask to consume your food and/or drink. When you are done eating and/or drinking you would be expected to put the mask back on. Also would expect to wear a mask during any interactions with wait staff.

This would probably be the most extreme of possibilities. But since your dining experience is such a large part of that, I would plan for that and hope for something less restrictive? And I say that with a question mark because personally, for my health and yours, I am hoping for most restrictive until/unless there is a significant advancement made in treatment and vaccine.


Fortunately we weren’t planning on starting the clock on our annual passes until later this month. So we have until 2030 to wait for the mask phase to pass.

Well there you go then! :slight_smile:

We went out again today for groceries. BTW, it was actually SNOWING today as were out and about! Crazy. Anyhow, put our masks on in the stores as required. At times I felt like I was being suffocated, and I was sweating. Second store, tried a different, thinner mask. It was better, but still was getting hot. And this when temps are lower.

I am just not sure how to tolerate wearing a mask in Florida in August. I need to figure out how to make a mask more breathable/less hot somehow.


Just had a call with a patient about this very thing

The fact is, masks are not 100% comfortable. They are, indeed, hot and sometimes it can feel like you’re suffocating.

The only thing that can make that less is practice, really. But even then, it’s not going to be cooler or more breathable - or else it would be ineffective.

I would 10,000% advise against this:


Ah, man…that was going to be the first thing I tried!

Guess I will go back to the drawing board. Maybe prototype up a backpack that has a solar powered air conditioner that blows directly on my face the whole time… :wink:

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Hate to break it to ya, but that’s already kind of a thing:


(extra points if you notice the spaceship earth background on the website)

Oh. Good. Just need to make it solar powered. And then I just need to paint some Mickey’s on it and I am all set for the trip!


When I first saw this story, the first thing i thought was, “That idiot just wasted a perfectly good mask!!!”

An excellent example of letter vs. spirit of a law.

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