Disney Springs on New Year's Eve

Arriving the afternoon of December 31, 2018 and staying at Saratoga Springs for first few days. Thinking it is best to stay in Disney Springs area for New Year’s eve and wondering if there is a location there where we can see any of the Park’s firework shows? Also, open to recommendations for things to do at Disney Springs for New Year’s. Thank you!

There are no views of any of the park fireworks from DS. I’m guessing that many of the TS locations will be having “New Years Specials” going. As many/most of them are independent restaurants that “happen” to be at DS, you might want to Google individual websites to see what they are offering (and make reservations). It will undoubtedly be expensive…

2 years ago, we went for a meal on NYE. Had intended to stay longer but because DH had had to park there instead of returning to Bay Lake (traffic), we watched the drone show and had a drink in Jock’s Hangar Bar before going back to Bay Lake. The CMs directed us back via a back road.

There were a couple of sound stages set up, and we saw a band playing on one of them. I guess we left around 7:30 the place hadn’t really livened up yet. I don’t think they had the drone show last year.

I don’t remember special menus in many places when we searched. Maybe we booked before they announced them though. We didn’t enjoy the meal much, luckily the place has closed down now! It was one of the Italian restaurants. The bars were filling up, and it was already very busy by the time we left. Parking lots were pretty full. You would definitely want to just walk over from SSR.

Probably Portabello…

Sounds familiar.

We chose it because youngest was quite a fussy eater; ironically of course what he chose turned out not to be what he thought it would be.

He’s much better now, his tastes are expanding rapidly along with his like of Black Russians and other cocktails! Next time will be so much better, we can try some nicer restauarants. Yeah!

Thank you. I am going to call Paddlefish and see if their top floor lounge area has any views.

Thanks for the feedback. Just don’t want to leave the Disney Springs area for NYE because of the traffic. We will find something fun to do!