Disney Springs hotel - trouble with 60+ dining?

Hello experts - I’m looking for advice or solutions on a dining reservation.

We are staying at Doubletree Disney Springs. Today is our 60 day mark. Logged on this morning for dining reservations for HS at day 65 (we’re staying for a week). We are getting a repeated error ‘link your park pass’ (we already have tickets and park reservations).

Is this a Disney IT glitch? Or is there something I’m doing wrong?

We are NOT getting the ‘no times available’ message - just an error about linking park passes.

Thanks all!

I don’t think the DS resorts get 60+ dining? I might be wrong but is it possible that message is just a default message? You should be able to book day 60. Are you booking through a browser?

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Yes, I think @PrincipalTinker is correct. Pretty sure only the WDW hotels plus Swan, Dolphin plus SoG get the length of stay option.

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Thanks all - bummer. Fingers crossed for luck when the ‘real’ window opens.