Disney Springs hotel recommendation

I’m trying to plan an impromptu 2 night/3 day stay with a friend in mid-November. We will have a car and will probably drive to the parks (or possibly Uber). Of the Disney Springs hotels, all have availability except the 2 Hilton ones. And all the hotels are similar rates for a basic 2Q room–around $100/night. Priorities would be a modern/updated hotel with a nice-ish bathroom and convenient parking. Having a nice restaurant/bar would be a plus. We might sit by the pool a little, but it doesn’t have to be a fabulous pool. Thanks for any recommendations.

My friend just got back from WDW last week. She stayed at B Resort and Spa and raved about it. It has everything you are looking for -

Thank you. It does look cool in the online pics but hearing a confirmation is nice.

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