Disney Springs Disappointment

Hi All,

I booked a stay at the B Hotel and Spa in May for my vacation. I chose this hotel because of all the perks Disney recently announced (60 Day FastPass+, EMH) and the pricepoint/deal that I got was great! Unknown to me, I made the poor choice of booking directly through the hotels website and not directly through Disney.

I have been trying to link my reservation with MYDISNEYEXPERIENCE since the end of January and have been unsuccessful. I have emailed Disney, the B Hotel and Spa and have spoke to multiple agents via telephone multiple times.

Tonight, I was told by Disney that even though they should be able to give the 60 day FastPass, they are not able to stand by their word because their computer system will not yet recognize the confirmation number from the B Hotel. I asked if they could receive a fax/confirmation/anything and they said no.

The agents solution was for me to cancel my reservation I already had through the B Hotel and Spa and book through Disney, but they would not be able to match the price. Because the date is getting close, Disney also had no available rooms in my price point at this time. :frowning:

All in all, I feel really disappointed. I wanted to let others who have booked/are considering booking know about this flaw. Disney has no timeline on when it will be fixed and basically told me that they can’t do anything further to help me.

I am still hoping it magically gets fixed, and will update if anything changes :slight_smile:

I do not think it can be fixed? When it was announced a few stories said that it had to be booked directly through wdw travel. I read an article that said some discounts like booking through the MiuseSavers link would exclude you from the FPs?

I don’t know if it’s different for the Holiday Inn Disney Springs but I was able to link my reservation MDE. I booked through the Holiday Inn website last October. Today, I linked that reservation online myself.

I clicked on My Disney Experience, then My Reservations and Tickets. Then I clicked Link Resort Reservation and put in my confirmation number from Holiday Inn and my last name. That seems to have worked and now I see the hotel reservation in my MDE.


I think it’s a problem just with the B Hotel, for some reason.

Initially they did imply you would only get the 60 days if you booked through Disney. I must admit I assumed it was to do with commission or something, but it seems it was actually just while systems were updated to be compatible with the resort confirmation numbers.

My guess is that maybe some resorts had letters at the beginning, which Disney could faccomodate quite easily. But B Hotel has some other combination, or a much longer number?

One of the other liners just posted an update, though couldn’t find this thread. It’s fixed now, in theory?

Thanks @MouseGirl42! I knew someone would find it. :grinning:

You’re welcome! Liners gotta help each other out, after all!

Thank You all very much! I did get this all sorted out and fast passes have been made :slight_smile: