Disney Springs - Counter Service on DDP

Looking at some of the new options for quick service at Disney springs, a lot of the places look like they take the Dining Plan as a Counter Service - But I can’t seem to figure out what exactly you get.

Specifically looking for
D-Luxe Burger
Polite Pig
Morimoto’s Street Food
Would you get a like a burger and fries plus drink?

For places like BB Wolf, Daily Poutine, and the food trucks, it looks like you can get some items as a snack credit (like a bottle of water) but not like an actual bowl of poutine… right?

Arg, why can’t they just put these things on the menu?!

Allears.net has most, if not all the menus. And they’ve got items notated with the snack icon where applicable. It looks like BB Wolf & D-Luxe are both just offering snack items.
At the top of each menu page, they note whether the place is on the dining plan, and then if they are just snack, and/or QS or TS.

For instance, Earl of Sandwich is both snack & QS eligible. D-Luxe is just snack, etc…

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So, looking at the Earl of Sandwich menu, sandwiches don’t include sides. You can make it a combo for 2.99. So I wonder if you want to use a QS credit you get a combo meal? Or just a sandwich and a drink. I agree with @clairenmn . It would be easier if it were more clearly laid out.

Sandwich, drink and dessert at EoS, and the dessert has to be less than $3. You may be able to swap the dessert for a side but we didn’t try.

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Do they still do the dessert there? They stopped it at other QS but I know EOS is cheaper than most.

Oh I totally forgot there was no dessert included this year! Apologies for bad info!

It should be included there!

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