Disney Springs CL?

Mmmmm, that looks delicious!!

I would say yes. I tried for a walk-up at RR and was told it was a 90 wait (I lucked out and found a seat at the bar). Similar number for Boathouse (although I had an ADR for that). I was lucky and got a walk-in at the sushi bar at Morimoto’s at 5:30 one time. As I was leaving 90 minutes later the wait was over an hour. There are at least 6 or 7 places that have opened since my last visit, so this may have changed things a bit.

Definitely necessary for TS, but the question was about The Void.

Yes. Sorry. I see that was confusing. But I was only saying reservations for The Void was recommended. For table service, definitely, as @missoverexcited clarified.

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