Disney Springs CL?

I’m trying to figure out what day to tack on Disney Springs as an evening sometime.
I imagine there is no crowd level information for it anywhere though.
How are Sunday afternoon/evenings in general?
Our goals will be to eat crepes, do The Void, and shop a little. Nothing major… but don’t want to be in a sea of people either.

CLs track wait times for attractions so no there’s no info for DS. I would just pick a day that works best with your schedule meaning a day you plan on leaving the parks early.

I was at DS last week on Thursday mid-day, Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Thursday was by far the least crowded. Friday evening and Saturday afternoon were pretty crazy. I would choose a Monday-Thursday during the day if I had to do it again.


If I had to guess, I would think it closely mirrors the average overall CL. More people in parks = more people in general = more people at DS. Somewhat speculative, but seems reasonable. :slight_smile:

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Not knowing what time of year you are going … Definitely Monday - Thursday would be better. Friday night and Saturday night are like Spring Break crowds in the parks.

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January 2020. I was thinking Sunday Jan 26th to be exact :wink: But I do wonder if I should try to squeeze it in on a Mon-Thurs sometime…

DS is a large outdoor mall with a lot of dining and entertainment venues. There is no charge to enter, so for locals it’s "going to the mall Weekends are going to be busier simply because locals work M-F. Fri and Sat PM will be the most crowded because of the dinner and bar crowd.

I see that you are planning on January. In November, the weekend after Thanksgiving, it was insane with Black Friday weekend shoppers. At that point, we came to the conclusion that it was like going to a mall at home. I wojld recommend avoiding the weekend.

I am actually going to suggest the opposite of the group consensus. My thought process is that not only is DS going to be less crowded Mon-Thurs, but so are the parks and I would much rather spend lower crowd time in the parks than at DS, especially given your agenda. It might be a bit more crowded, but not as bad as Friday and Saturday night. Lots of folks (both tourists and locals) might be at DS, but will most likely will be heading home earlier in the day to get ready to go to work/home.


That is my hope - that many people won’t stay out too long on a Sunday evening. And you make a good point - I’d rather spend my lower crowd days in the parks! So I think I will stick to my Sunday afternoon/evening plan for now :slight_smile:

I tend to agree with @carthy15 on this. But ultimately, I think the the crowds at Disney Springs don’t really matter much if you do two things:

  1. Make ADRs for the places you want to eat in DS.
  2. Make reservations for the Void ahead of time.

Other than that, what is there to wait for? Other than the lines to pay for your stuff?

Crowds might be heavy, but you can still get around and shop, etc. As far as when it would be busiest? Well, when is your local mall busiest? That’s probably going to be about the same.

Having said all that, our FAVORITE time to be in DS is when it starts to turn dark. It feels very romantic then, in a Disney-esque sort of way.

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I’ve never done the Void at DS. Are reservations definitely necessary? It’s going to be hard to guess when we’ll get there, and DH likes to avoid a strict schedule when possible.

Nor have I, although we plan to on our next trip.

Definitely? No. But recommended, based on what I’ve reading…particularly if you are going during a busy time of year. Maybe others who have actually done it can chime in.

But even if you don’t know if when you are planning to hit Disney Springs until that morning, you might try to reserve your time ahead of time before you get there just to avoid having to wait.

Um. He does know this is Disney. Right? :wink:

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That’s a good idea - we can make reservations same-day most likely. Especially if we aren’t too picky on the time.

Haha, yes he does! I have had to inform him that we will indeed have somewhat of a strict schedule… especially for the first 3 FastPasses… but then after that can be a little more spontaneous. He understands that I know my stuff and he is trusting that I will provide the best Disney World vacay possible by sticking to a bit of a schedule. It will be his first time there. He seems on-board. But we shall see how it goes! :wink:

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Or mobile order. We went to DS on our arrival day and I was concerned about making a reservation and then our flights getting delayed. So we opted to eat at D-Luxe burgers (which was really good!). Our plan of action was to do mobile ordering, but it turns out that it was not necessary as there was no line.

I guess I was meaning Table-Service only. But sure. If it offers quick-service and mobile order, why not?

Yeah, we will likely not be doing any Table Service. Again, Phil doesn’t like reservations :stuck_out_tongue: And I already have a couple TS picked out elsewhere. We will be eating from the AristoCrepes stand… he loves crepes lol. So yeah, mobile ordering will be our friend!

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BTW, Earl of Sandwich is a great place to get some decent dessert items on the cheap (relatively speaking).

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