Disney Springs buses?

Are the buses running to/from DS from the parks and the resorts? Staying at POP 12/1 - 12/10. The DS website does say buses are running to/from resorts, but not the parks - is this accurate?

Buses never run TO the parks from Disney Springs.

You can normally take a bus FROM the parks to Disney Springs in the later hours of the day

But right now the only reliable thing is that you can take buses to and from Disney Springs from resorts only.

It is 100% running from/to the resort… I’m on it right now :joy: got lucky - 2 min wait both ways from Pop.


They don’t run it from DS to the parks because parking is free at DS, and they don’t want people parking at DS and taking a bus to the parks rather than parking at the parks directly. But allowing guests to get from the parks to DS is fine because it doesn’t cause anyone to avoid paying for parking.

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Thanks all, I had forgotten about not getting TO the parks FROM the Springs, makes perfect sense. @OBNurseNH, are you saying that buses are not going from the parks to DS at all now? I made a dinner reservation at Paradiso 37 and am wondering if I’ll be able to take the bus, or if I’ll have to suck it up and take a Lyft.

Good question. In a similar situation, I’ll be going from AK to DS. Will probably bus to SSR and walk over to DS. I don’t remember if DS boats are or will be running soon. I figure that’s quicker than two buses, and I’m already using Lyft enough on other days.

No. I’m saying that I don’t know if they are right now.

Can anyone who’s been recently confirm whether buses are running TO the Springs FROM the parks?

At MK. Nope. Did not see DS on the board. You can take bus to Saratoga Springs and walk.

I thought I read the Disney Springs buses from the parks don’t start until 4:00. But it would be nice to confirm.

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That was the schedule in normal times. Not sure if it persists in Covid times.

If they aren’t running buses from the parks to DS, here’s what you CAN do instead:

From MK: Walk to The Contemporary (or GF very soon!) and take a resort bus to DS from there.

From HS: Walk to The Boardwalk and take a bus to DS from there.

From Epcot: Walk to The Boardwalk or Beach Club and take a bus to DS from there.

From AK: This one is the tricky one. However, you can take a bus to Saratoga Springs, and then walk from there around to DS…OR you can take a bus to any other resort, and then from that resort hop on a DS bus.

I left MK twice yesterday in afternoon and evening - no bus to DS.

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We did AK to DS. Took Saratoga Springs bus, he offered to drop us closer to DS, but we did not mind walking, so waited for Congress stop and walked over; Temp screen is by Earl of Sandwich (where we were heading) Lovely bus driver, we chatted with him on the way over.

…at DS for lunch because we did FoP, Navi, Kilimanjaro, Everest x2 and Dinosaur x2 by 10:30 am. Going back later (as it’s open until 8 today)

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Wow - great morning at AK!

There have been reports that the buses are not running from any park (even after 4) to DS.

That’s been true pre-covid